The Religions

Lawful: The Sun God

A Lawful god that gave life to everything everywhere.

This is a hierarchical religion with a high priest who answers to the Council of Three. This is the main, “official” religion of the human peoples of the Fallen Lands.

Neutral: The Twelve

An assortment of twelve gods and goddesses. Worship is based on introspection and physical activity.

These are basically the pagan gods of the Fallen Lands, with domain over the traditional aspects of life: the weather, the seasons, hunting, love, fertility, etc.

Chaotic: The Lizard King

A great, demonic lizard that demands obedience. Worship includes sacrifice of live animals.

Selection of Religion

Who Worships?

Of the playable races, only humans have religion. The demi-human races see this as a strange affectation of humanity.

Alignment & Religion

Lawful characters can choose the Sun God or the Twelve.

Neutral characters can choose any of the three religions.

Chaotic characters can choose the Lizard King or the Twelve.


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