Rules stolen pretty much wholesale from Jeff Rients!

When the castles, keeps, and towers of this new world were explored, strange tomes were found. Careful study revealed that these were spells that created magical effects – something never before seen by any of the races.

The books contained mystic symbols denoting the step of a foot, the raising of an arm, the twisting of a hand, fingers just so … the sounds to be made in a rhythmic chant … the frame of mind to contain the spell, to hold it until the chosen time of release.

Spell Casting

(Clerics, Magic-Users, Elves) Only one hand is required to be free to cast spells. However, the second may only be used to hold an item, it may not be actively used simultaneously.


All Magic-Users and Elves have the spell “Read Magic.” At the start of the game, the Player may also choose one spell for their character’s spellbook for each spell slot available to the caster. In addition, the LL will randomly select one spell from each level the character can cast, plus one random spell of the next higher level than the character is currently able to cast.

For example, a 3rd level Magic-User would start with the following spells in her spellbook: Read Magic; 2×1st level spells and 1×2nd level spell chosen by the player; and 1×1st, 1×2nd, and 1×3rd level spells rolled randomly by the LL.

Magic-users & Elves can only gain new spells by finding a spellbook, or by researching them.

If Magic-users or Elves copy spells out of another’s spellbook, the spell disappears from the original source (much like using a scroll), therefore it is normally discouraged by the donor, if s/he is still alive. Most often the new owner of a spellbook will simply appropriate the entire book for themselves rather than waste time and money scribing the spells over to their personal spellbook.

Spell scrolls cannot be scribed to a spellbook.

The times/costs/limitations are as follows. In all cases this requires complete concentration and no other significant actions may be taken during the time periods given.

  • To research a new spell: 2 weeks and 1,000 gp per spell level.
  • To re-write a lost spell previously known (due to loss of a spellbook): 1 week and 1,000 gp per spell level.
  • To scribe a spell from one spellbook to another: 1 week and 500 gp per spell level. (Note that spells cannot be cast directly from spellbooks).
  • To create a scroll: 1 week and 500 gp per spell level.


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