Character Creation

Rolling Abilities

  • Roll 3d6 seven times and place six of them for ability scores

Class Modifications

  • [[Magic-Users]]: Quarterstaff is an allowed weapon for Magic-users.
  • Thieves: The Thief Skill listed as ‘Find Traps’ is a more general ‘Find’ Skill, and can be used to discover such things as hidden compartments and secret doors.

Background & Status

Each character has a background that may come up in play – most likely when they attempt something outside the normal combat and encounter rules. Players may either select their character’s background and status, or roll randomly on the table below:

Background (d%, d6)
1-50 Urban
1-3 Metropolis: cultures, society, bureaucracy
4-5 Walled City: tactics, secrecy
6 Port Town: sea and trade, cultures
51-90 Rural
1-3 Farming: animals, crops, weather
4-5 Village: crafting, gossip, barter
6 Nomadic: animals, plants, weather
91-00 Exotic
1-4 Cloistered: special skills
5-6 Extra-cultural: special skills
Status (d%)
1-33 Low: intimidation, foraging
34-90 Middle: trade
91-00 High: society

Every hero needs a sidekick

To avoid the hassles of starting over with 0xp and rolling up a new character in the middle of a game, the players are encouraged to recruit henchmen. Henchmen earn experience at half rate and normally expect a half share of treasure. They are generally loyal and normally the player runs them as secondary characters, though the Labyrinth Lord reserves the right to step in when needed to protect the interests of the NPC proletariat. If a character with a henchman is incapacitated, the player may immediately promote the henchman to full PC status. The new PC may be bumped back down to the ranks of the sidekicks should the original PC be raised from the dead or un-petrified or what have you.

Character Creation

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