Hundreds of years ago, there was the time of the Shimmering, when the walls between the worlds became nebulous and thin. Denizens from countless worlds stumbled through the misty curtain to find themselves in a land of empty castles and untended fields. They called their new home The Fallen Lands.

Humans, elves, dwarves and halflings formed a tenuous alliance against the rising tide of monstrous races and foul beasts that beset them on all sides. But within the castles and darkened keeps, they found a new power to aid them in their battles—strange tomes outlining access to mystic powers. Magic became real for the first time in living memory.

It was also found that great treasures and powerful magics reside in the ruined fortresses, crypts, and dungeons in the wild lands where the evil races vie for control. But only a few are willing to chance the dangers to retrieve them. Only the brave, the foolhardy – and the greedy.

On the western frontier, the last allied village sits on the edge of a vast valley teeming with unexplored ruins and unknown evils. This is Overlook, a fortified town guarding the Long Stair which descends into the mist-enshrouded plain.

The Fallen Lands

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